"Lynne is an amazing teacher. She brings wonderful energy and enthusiasm to every class. She's great with students of all ages and levels and is always available if you have a question. Her passion for dance and choreography are obvious and you will not only learn in her classes, you'll enjoy yourself. There are a lot of dance schools in So Cal, but very few instructors like her."

Joel Poehlmann

Filmmaker, Professional Actor and Dancer


"Lynne is a phenomenal choreographer and teacher. She is truly inspirational bringing out the best in her dancers. She is highly trained, professional, and artistic and she is an extremely talented, vivacious, and creative choreographer. Working with Lynne is a joy!"

Mariann Hodgson

Dance Dept. Chair, Dance Company Artistic Director & Instructor, Agoura High School


“I have never met a more talented, caring, and demanding choreographer than Lynne Jacobellis. I envision it think it and she makes it happen. Since she...and I teamed up together for "Working," she has not only provided outstanding dances for our shows, she has also sewn costumes, gone shopping, raised advertising funds and created professional quality playbills. If three is a charm, the cast, Lynne and Gary (musical director) make me a lucky man indeed.”

Joseph Donia

TOHS Drama Teacher, TOHS Performing Arts Center Director, Musical Director


"Lynne is incredibly smart, educated, persistent, demanding, generous and committed. The dance program she created for our academy is the most successful of all the departments. She inspires her students with enthusiasm, knowledge, know-how and with a kind but demanding presence. Her skills know no bounds - from her successful class regiments that produce well-trained and confident students to producing full-length stage shows and coordinating every aspect of them - she does it all. I feel truly blessed that she chose to spread her wings at Lighting Bolt Entertainment and I know the parents of every one of our students feels the same way.''

Renee Siragusa

Co-Owner - Lightning Bolt Entertainment

"I worked with Lynne on a short film that went to festivals. She couldn't have been a more supportive and honest director. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat it if given the chance."

Joe Metzger

Professional Stage and Film Actor


"Lynne is a true visual artist. Her work demands audience attention, whether on stage or on the screen, and her work resonates - speaking to audiences long after the curtain closes. She inspires meaningful artistic collaborations for live and theatrical events, and films. Whether working with a group of high school students or a professional Equity cast, she brings out the very best of her cast by making every single performer feel important and recognized."


Professional AEA Performer

Bonnie (Lead) - Anything Goes / Asst. Choreographer - Metaphasia

"Love Lynne so much! My daughter needed choreography help and Lynne was a  perfect fit! Professional, talented and very experienced! We will continue to hire Lynne. If you are looking for a choreographer that listens and works hard for you, hire Lynne!"

Laurie Zarate (Thumbtack Customer)

"Lynne is amazing!! I have worked with her for almost 10 years now. She cares so deeply about all of her dancers and gives her everything into her choreography and teaching. She has made me the dancer I am and I’m so grateful!! She is great at expressing emotion through her movement and noticing the little things that make all the difference."

Carly B.

Former Student now Professional Dancer

“I cannot express how much I appreciate Ms. Jacobellis and her efforts. The time she took to organize, create, master and perfect our show (Singin' in the Rain) is remarkable. And all of it, out of love for the art without thought of reward. It is truly remarkable how far this cast got, and I personally want to thank Ms. Jacobellis for the effort that she put in for me. I have learned so much and now I can further pass on the wonderful passions of tap and dance she has so freely given to me.

Scott Hendrickson

Don Lockwood (lead) - Singin’ in the Rain

"Lynne creates beauty!  Her choreo is so unique and exciting to be part of!  She cares about everyone’s growth as a dancer!"

Linda B.

Professional Dancer

“Our shows are what they are because of your incredible choreography and training for the kids!  You are awesome, and I wanted you to know I thought that!”

Sheryl Hendrickson

Mother of 2 Kids - one in the TOHS Musical Theatre Program and another in the RMS Show Choir Program


“Thanks Lynne, the Musical was great, and once again your choreography was awesome! The flips in Coffee Break were amazing and I just loved all the expressions on their faces throughout that number. I don't know which was my most favorite, as Brotherhood to Man blew me away. And just to see Preston dancing was incredible. He just started in P.E. dance a couple months ago, and dancing for the first time in his life at that. This whole experience has changed his life.”

Evy Fusci

Parent of 2 Students in the TOHS Musical Theatre Program