In a career spanning nearly two decades, Lynne's passion for performing, love of teaching, fervor for choreography and directing and unwavering dedication to every project and production is evident by the awards, accolades and testimonials she continues to receive for her work. Definitively creative and unique, she is also highly logical and logistical, allowing her to be both the artist and producer. Lynne's diverse portfolio, thorough experience in a vast number of roles, adoration of meaningful collaberations, natural positivity and multi-tasking ability allow her to have an ongoing, fruitful and uniquely varied career in the performing arts and entertainment. 

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“I have never met a more talented, caring, and demanding choreographer. I envision it and she makes it happen."
- Joe Donia

"Lynne is a phenomenal choreographer and teacher. She is truly inspirational bringing out the best in her dancers. She is highly trained, professional, and artistic and she is an extremely talented, vivacious, and creative choreographer. Working with Lynne is a joy!"

 - MariAn Hodgson